About the Name

After amassing a large number of completed sculpture, I began to run out of room to store the art.  There were several pieces that were lined up in my backyard collecting dust and spiderwebs.  As I was walking to take out the trash, I noticed that there were little parallel lines running around the interior holes in a particular sculpture.  I could not fathom who would do such a thing to my art.  Over the course of several weeks I noticed that there were more and more of these lines completely covering my sculpture.  I was mad and looked to anyone that I could blame.  And then one day sitting at breakfast, I noticed that a squirrel was sitting in the sculpture sharpening his teeth on the metal.  My girlfriend at the time commented, “Well, at least the squirrels like your art.”  From that point on, I would refer to my creations as “Art That Squirrels Like.”