It’s been a while

It has been a while since I have posted anything, so I thought I would drop a note in here. Not much activity on the art front. It has been a busy Fall and start to Winter. I’ve seen that quite a few people have checked into the site. Most every referral I get is from Facebook. As always, you can like my site at I also get a ton of spam. I guess the upside is that I know where to get the cheapest pills on-line. They only remind me a few hundred times a week. 🙂

I have had a couple of inquiries as to purchasing some of my art. If you are inclined almost everything is for sale. I had originally intended for this site to be mostly my portfolio, but if I get enough feedback on it, I guess I could put a for sale page up. Please, send me a note if you are interested. I can ship anything. Some of my smaller stuff would be cheap and easy to get out to you. I way more art than is on the site, so I can send you some pictures if you want a piece of the action.

For those of you in the Tucson area, I’m going to try to have another show here in the next couple of months. Unfortunately, Star Bear Gallery is going away. More details to follow.

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