Metal Art Village Opening

I was pleased to find out that one of my sculptures was accepted to the Metal Art Village’s annual sculpture show. I call the piece “The Spine,” and you can view it here:

The show is in celebration of April being declared Sculpture Month by Tucson’s Mayor Rothschild. My piece is currently on display for the next 6 months, or until someone buys it. 🙂 Daddy needs a new welder.

But one of the best parts of Metal Art Village is that the Tucson Hop Shop is right across the parking lot from the sculpture garden. So you can have a beer and gaze at all the wonderful sculpture in the yard.

The show’s opening will be on April 19th from 6-9 PM. In addition to an open studio night, the artists (including myself) will be speaking a little bit about their pieces at about 7 PM. I’m looking forward to seeing a good turnout!

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