And then one day I decided to take my art into a third dimension.  I had always loved the permanence of metal, so I took a creative welding course.  After a little experimentation I knew that metal was the medium upon which I would focus.  I was now a sculptor.


Peruse a selection of my sculpture below.


Fourteenth Sixteenth  EleventhTenth Ninth Seventeenth EighthTwelfth SeventhFifteenth

Fifth Fourth SixthThird Second First

One thought on “Sculpture

  • September 8, 2014 at 6:36 AM

    Awesome stuff and love the metal work! I might need some stuff commissioned. Call me later.

    Oh…a girl I used to coach now has a pretty successful metal jewelry business. She did a bunch of training at a school in Philly and spent time as an apprentice with some guy in Mexico (I think). Here’s her website:

    If you want me to introduce you over email or FB let me know.

    Congrats on this!

    Love ya!


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